Pratt Attack

My name is Pratt. As in Prattfall [sic], Prattle, etc. Being artistically inclined when I was younger, in high school I wanted to attend Pratt Institute in New York. Didn’t happen.

Here’s a short YouTube video from someone who made it to Pratt. The background audio is too loud relative to her voice, but I don’t want to nit-pick a worthy and earnest artistic effort. But she also has the sky moving backwards in the airplane windows, and it shouldn’t have been too hard to find a jet sound. OK, now I’m nit-picking!

Robot Attack

It’s the Red States vs. the Blue States! Red appears to have gotten in the first punch, but Blue will be fighting back — I hope!

Battlin' 'bots go at it!

Here’s a toy every boy wanted, but I never had. After all that pounding and punching, Rock ‘Em and Sock ‘Em haven’t aged a day in 40 years!

They were introduced in 1966 by Marx, a NYC company that had nothing to do with the Marx brothers, but with a knack for making inexpensive and interesting toys. Read more about Louis Marx and Co. on Wikipedia.

Mattel is bringing back the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots for the reasonable price of $15, and has ’em for pre-order. Don’t see a release date, but let’s hope it’s out before Christmas.

No electronics, no batteries, only mechanically manipulated mayhem! Mattel should introduce a Marital Dispute Edition. They’d sell out in no time!