New York Radio — 1

Between 1962 and 1968 my family lived in Norwalk, Connecticut. Fortunately, those years coincided with the ascendency and supremecy of radio station WABC in New York. ABC disk jockeys Cousin Brucie and Dan Ingram inspired me to become a radio announcer. I had a short, but memorable, 2-year stint in the business.

Here begins a video series from 1990 on the history of New York Rock and Roll radio. Part one starts with the effect of TV in the 50’s on the radio business, and goes to the end of Alan Freed’s career, without specifically mentioning the payola scandal that ended it.

Nuts without the Pea

The original National Lampoon magazine had some good writing and cartooning, up to the release of Animal House, when the emphasis switched to movies.  Cartoonist Gahan Wilson, known for his macabre humor, had a regular feature in NatLamp called “Nuts.”  The installment I remember best is perhaps the least macabre.  I felt exactly this way after making a drawing board for myself when I was 11 years old.