Click to his brother’s Clack

Tom and Ray Magliozzi, aka Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers, are Boston originals. The best comedy duo of brothers since the Smothers, Tom and Ray also happened to fix cars, and they started the Good News Garage in Cambridge before hosting “Car Talk” on WBUR (Boston University Radio), leading to the show being picked up by NPR. The garage was originally a DIY business, and my brother used to go there to learn how to work on his VW Bug.

I genuinely loved listening to “Car Talk”. I realize that some people of a more serious bent didn’t always appreciate the banter and kidding around that Tom and Ray loved to indulge, but I delighted in it and I always looked forward to the Puzzler and, especially, Stump the Chumps. Sadly, Tom Magliozzi has passed away.

Robert Hunter Douglas, the Master of Still Life

Painting by Robert Hunter Douglas

Painting by Robert Hunter Douglas

I am much too late in noting the passing of the superb Boston artist Robert Hunter Douglas. I suppose he may have had an equal somewhere in the genre of still life painting, but no one could have been better than Douglas, who complemented the solidity of his objects with a uniquely delicate sheen. Unlike others who specialize in still life paintings, Douglas’ arrangements, his perfect highlights in the otherwise subdued lighting, and that unmistakable patina, are instantly recognizable to anyone with even a casual familiarity with his work.

Bad teeth, great songs

Get high with Lowe and the Cowboy Outfit!

And from the Rockpile years, with Dave Edmunds. Love the Riddler suit!

The Lowedown on this one is that it was written and produced by Nick. When I was a poor radio DJ, playing Barbra Streisand’s “Songbird”, back in my little rented room this was what I listened to. One of the all-time greatest records ever.

Dale Dorman, the voice of Boston Top 40 radio

Dale Dorman, 1943-2014

Dale Dorman, 1943-2014

Boston radio DJ Dale Dorman has died. He joined WRKO-AM in 1968, the same year that WBCN-FM went from Classical to counter-culture. Dale provided the perfect contrast to the underground sound of ‘BCN. He was a DJ with a distinctive voice and personality that was just right for the Top 40 format — top 30 at ‘RKO — and he was essential to helping ‘RKO become a longtime ratings leader.