Moses supposes

The history of comic books has the Golden Age, that roughly lasted from 1940 to the mid-50’s, then the Silver Age, lasting until the early 70’s. I sort of think about popular music the same way, and one of the most popular publications of the Silver Age of Pop music was Tiger Beat magazine, featuring the writings of Ann Moses. Here’s an hour-long interview with Ann, talking about her life and work. Fun fact: Ann, like Steve Martin, worked at Disneyland.

Staying chummy with Chumby

The Chumby was, at its core, an Internet radio and alarm clock with a touch screen. Not quite a consumer product, yet not quite a hobbyist platform, its design now seems rather quaint compared to today’s smart phones. After Chumby ceased operation I assumed that my Chumby One would be nothing more than a clock forever, so I turned it off and put it on a shelf. But then, last year, it was announced that the Chumby servers were coming back online.

Chumby 1

The Chumby One

I haven’t subscribed to the fully reborn Chumby service, so I don’t have any of the apps that are offered, but my Chumby One lives again as a radio for background sound while I’m reading, and it does a good job of it. I have the URL’s of about ten different Internet radio stations entered, it works with my Pandora account, and I gave it a USB drive holding MP3’s of the complete Beatles and Beach Boys catalogs. Viva le Chum!

Rubber Souls

Fifty years ago, when I was a kid, Keds promised that their sneakers would help me to run faster and jump higher…

… and a few years ago runners were told that minimalist shoes were the secret to preventing injuries, and even curing them, but those claims were shown to be exaggerated if not outright false. It now seems that exactly the opposite is true, and we should be wearing shoes with soles as thick as mattresses!

The Carol Brunette Show

My mother passed away ten years ago this month, and along with many other people of her generation she loved watching CBS on Saturday nights. Especially the lineup that began in the 1973-74 season, with Mary Tyler Moore, followed by Bob Newhart and Carol Burnett. The color coding on this chart from Wikipedia shows that Burnett was only a top 30 show, but I think Mom enjoyed it more than anything else on television.

CBS TV Saturday schedule, 1973-74

CBS-TV Saturday schedule, 1973-74

I was starting college at the time, and watched next to no television, but if I had I would have enjoyed seeing Petula Clark as a guest on the Carol Burnett Show. Pet makes her appearance at exactly 14 minutes into the show. She returns halfway through for a funny a soap opera parody (except Tim Conway’s bit is too long) and a duet with Carol.

Season 7, Episode 9
Airdate: Saturday, Nov 10, 1973, 10:00 PM

Just last night the SNL 40th anniversary show included this soap opera parody.