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Moses supposes

The history of comic books has the Golden Age, that roughly lasted from 1940 to the mid-50’s, then the Silver Age, lasting until the early 70’s. I sort of think about popular music the same way, and one of the most popular publications of the Silver Age of Pop music was Tiger Beat magazine, featuring the writings of Ann Moses. Here’s an hour-long interview with Ann, talking about her life and work. Fun fact: Ann, like Steve Martin, worked at Disneyland.

Rubber Souls

Fifty years ago, when I was a kid, Keds promised that their sneakers would help me to run faster and jump higher…

… and a few years ago runners were told that minimalist shoes were the secret to preventing injuries, and even curing them, but those claims were shown to be exaggerated if not outright false. It now seems that exactly the opposite is true, and we should be wearing shoes with soles as thick as mattresses!