There is a (Christmas) Season (Turn, Turn, Turn)


Another post about a turntable? This one is exclusively at Best Buy. It’s a Pro-Ject Carbon Esprit SB, which is considered to be an excellent table. The list price is normally $600, but this one costs an extra fifty bucks because it’s a Beatles Edition.

A competitor of Pro-Ject, called Rega, had a Queen special limited edition turntable that originally went for the same price, but it was eventually offered at a discount. I’m not in the market for a new turntable myself, having just replaced the broken RCA plugs on my 30-year-old Thorens turntable, but I’ll be interested in seeing how well the Beatles table sells.

A Message From Joe Pera



I hope you’re doing well and that you had a nice Thanksgiving. Did you watch anything good on television with your family after dinner? Last year, my family watched ‘Big Fat Greek Wedding’ twice – once on Thanksgiving and once on Christmas.

I like ‘Big Fat Greek Wedding’. My Nana loves it. The language is appropriate for families which is mostly why we watch it. However, I’m writing to let you know that you don’t have to watch ‘Big Fat Greek Wedding’ this Christmas because I made a holiday special that begins airing next week.

It’s a half hour live-action special called ‘Joe Pera Helps You Find the Perfect Christmas Tree’ and will premier next Friday December 9th on Adult Swim at midnight. The show is pretty much what the title describes and features many different types of conifers, spruces, and pines to help you figure out which one is right for you. There’s a lot of other nice things in the show and I promise that it’s good and worth watching.

I hope you’ll consider tuning it, either with or without your family but hopefully with. It’ll probably be online shortly after as well.


A Little of Annie

Thanks to Annie Little’s Facebook page, I’ve been keeping tabs on her career ever since she appeared in the Amazon commercial for the second-generation Kindle. She was on last week’s episode of </scorpion>, playing a museum director and not, thankfully, a murder victim.

Thanks to YouTube, I haven’t had to do much video capturing and editing for a long time. But I needed to do it for this post, and I must say that the process sure is a heck of a lot easier and faster, with much better resulting quality, than it was ten years ago. One quirk, now that video can be embedded directly with HTML5, instead of relying upon a Flash plugin, is that each Web browser has its own style of player.

No relation to Scott Joplin

Dick Cavett, who I once met, managed to turn the topic of conversation over to himself before taking a break in this excerpt of an interview with Janis Joplin from 7/18/1969 — just one month before Woodstock. No mention is made of Linda Ronstadt, who would soon take the mantle of “leading lady of Rock.” Cavett asks Joplin, “Are there any male groupies?” To which Janis replies, “Not near enough.”