The Mountain, Framingham

I drive past the Bose corporate offices every day on my way to and from work. I wouldn’t exactly call Mountain Drive a mountain. It’s only a hill overlooking the Massachusetts Turnpike, but the Bose address is The Mountain, Framingham. I’ve never been inside, but c|net recently was able to take a peek.

Before Bob Maresca was named the CEO of Bose he lived in the neighborhood behind mine. That was when I had the porch turned into a sun room and I bought a Bose Wave for it. I don’t know if Maresca still lives there, but I assume after his promotion he was able to afford a bigger/better house.

A Sure Lock on viewing fun

I missed noticing that the BBC had released this teaser for the next installments of “Sherlock.” My thanks to Brian Sibley for pointing it out.

I haven’t seen “Elementary,” the Americanized version of Sherlock Holmes that Bismo says is good. The character, now in the public domain, holds up very well in the BBC update, but moving him out of London to New York, where the CBS series is located, doesn’t work for me. However, with the addition of Natalie Dormer, who has worked with Brian, I should reconsider. Natalie has been busy, appearing not only in “Elementary” but two “game shows” — “The Hunger Games” and Game of Thrones” — and “The Scandalous Lady W.”