Congrats, Thanks, and Goodbye to Larissa Kelly!

Well, it sure was fun while it lasted! Larissa Kelly gave it a good run, but her reign as Jeopardy! champion has come to an end. Larissa is the first female to win more than five games, and she’s the #1 woman for money won in regular games. As my friend SamJay has pointed out elsewhere, she will undoubtedly be back for the Tournament of Champions. We look forward to seeing Larissa then. Here she is winning Tuesday’s show, and tomorrow I’ll wrap-up with her loss.

This video is from an SD recording. The previous two videos were taken from Verizon FiOS HD. Even in this greatly reduced format I think the difference in brightness and color quality is apparent. The picture below is a cropped snapshot of my HD screen, as taken with a digital camera. Click to enlarge.

Larissa Kelly on Jeopardy!

Best wishes to Larissa and her husband Jeff! With the real estate market the way it is for the foreseeable future, they should have no trouble making the most of turning Larissa’s winnings into a down payment on a home.

Larissa Kelly Feature Article

Monday, this blog had about 2,400 hits. Yesterday, it had 24,000 hits. The difference between those two numbers is a name, and that name is Larissa Kelly. The Contra Costa Times has a feature article about Larissa that you can read at this link. Highlights include:

  • Larissa’s shows were taped in February.
  • She’s currently out of the country.
  • Sony Entertainment issued a news release saying “she will make history.”

Be sure to check out the El Cerritto Wire for much more from Larissa.

Everybody Loves Larissa

In just twenty hours, my post about Jeopardy! phenomenon Larissa Kelly accounted for nearly 15% of the 100,000+ hits this blog has seen over the entire month. I know a good thing when I see it, so with Larissa being our all-time ratings champion, here are a couple of minutes from Monday’s show. A physician was one of the contestants, yet surprisingly he failed come up with the health-related Final Jeopardy question.

Larissa in Jeopardy!

My friend SamJay is a lifelong fan of Jeopardy! and last week he suggested that I tune in. The last time he told me to do that was early in Ken Jennings’ record sweep. This time the contestant who’s creating a sensation is Larissa Kelly. She’s originally from Newton, MA, and The Boston Globe had an item about her a couple of days ago at this link.

Her winning way
Grad student Larissa Kelly, who grew up in Newton, made some history on “Jeopardy!” this week. Kelly, 28, became the highest-money-winning woman in the game show’s long history, tallying $146,197 in just four games. Kelly, who attends UC-Berkeley, will try to extend her winning streak next week.

Jeopardy! insiders are saying Larissa will be around for a while. Exactly how long is unknown, but for now she seems to be on a roll. Here’s a heavily-edited video of Larissa’s appearance in last Friday’s show. Double Jeopardy had an Alfred Hitchcock theme, and I got all of the Hitchcock answers. The clip is chopped-up, so not all of the answers and questions match. Larissa was up against some excellent competitors, and it was only a bit of luck that saved her in Final Jeopardy. It will be interesting to see how long Larissa’s luck holds.