“Very impressive, Larissa Kelly!” — Alex Trebek

The impressive “grad student from El Cerrito, California,” Larissa Kelly, continues to not disappoint her fans. Way to go, young lady! Here’s the video of her semi-final win on the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. The game got very interesting in the Double Jeopardy! round. There’s even a Stephen Colbert question in there.

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Larissa’s triumphant return

In the most eagerly awaited return of a Jeopardy! champion since Ken Jennings, here is Larissa Kelly, who is the most popular subject, by far, this blog has had in its 30-month existence…

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Larissa returns to Jeopardy!

On Wednesday, the Tournament of Champions will start on Jeopardy!, featuring the charming Larissa Kelly, the winning-est woman in the history of the game show. After my last items about Larissa, her hit count on this blog dropped. Apparently, everybody had been looking for the air dates for the Tournament of Champions.

Whatever happened in the tournament, however things went for Larissa, it happened two months ago at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Here’s hoping she did great. I will, of course, capture some video of her to post here.

‘Engines of Survival’ by Larissa Kelly

Larissa Kelly on Jeopardy!

Jeopardy! fan-favorite Larissa Kelly will return for the Tournament of Champions, airing March 11-24. Meanwhile, here’s a surprise from Larissa. A piece of speculative fiction she has written, called “Engines of Survival,” that you will find at Strange Horizons Fiction:


Now that Sarah Palin’s star has faded (although I doubt permanently), Larissa is once again the #1 reason — ahead of Alizée! — why people find this blog, so take note that she has included an e-mail address. There’s no reason to assume this isn’t really Larissa, and you have to promise me that if you write to Larissa you will be civil, respectful and well-behaved! And remember, boys, she’s married. “For all of you youngsters,” as Ed Sullivan used to say, I should explain that “Sorry Boys, She’s Married” is a play on a famous moment in Beatles history.

Sorry Girls, He's Married