Stimulating the economy

Behold! My venerable and beloved Sony 32XBR100 has left the porch and is now being used by Eric for his “classic” video game setup. In its place is a Samsung LN40D630, and this one came without a vertical line of red pixels. The LN40D630 has received uniformly positive reviews, with the most comprehensive of them being at this link. The stand came from Target.

Door Man

Today has not been good. A small home improvement project — a new front door — has turned into a major undertaking, with the end result still unknown, and the (new) contractor is still here after nearly twelve hours. I wish my original contractor, the one who did the porch, hadn’t run into some personal trouble and left me high and dry on this job.

Pratt Porch Project – P.S.

I’ll get back to posting something of interest once I’ve returned to work and have shaken off the holiday brain fog. But first, here are a couple of pictures of the remodeled porch as it looks now, after painting and the addition of some furniture. We’re still looking for a coffee table and side table.

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If you click to look at the full-size picture with the TV, you’ll see it has an old-fashioned rabbit ear antenna. On February 17, 2009, analog broadcast television in the United States will cease. Long before then I plan to have a FiOS set top box installed. Or I could run a coaxial cable to the porch myself and use the analog signal provided over FiOS to watch the same local stations the antenna receives. I suppose it’s possible Verizon will shut off the analog service, although they’re under no requirement to do that.

P.S. According to this item, cable TV companies will keep their analog signals for local stations until 2012.