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Cerfing the Net

It’s going to be a while, probably well into 2015, before we see Stephen Colbert on CBS, shorn of his faux cable news persona. The truth is that I am rarely staying up late enough on weeknights anymore to watch Colbert, so I use the DVR catch up on the weekends.

Internet pioneer Vint Cerf was on The Colbert Report recently, and although he was interesting he took too much credit for himself and Bob Kahn. Why no mention of Bob Taylor, who originally envisioned the Arpanet and got it up and running before joining Xerox PARC? Cerf should also have given an up-front shout-out to Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web which is, let’s face it, what most people think the Internet is.

He had a dream… now he has the money

This came in the mourning mail from Stephen Colbert…

Dear Super Loved Ones,

I write this letter with a heavy heart and elevated cholesterol. Earlier today, our advisor and chief strategist, Ham Rove, passed away. Authorities believe he repeatedly tripped and fell onto a knife several dozen times. Later some dogs ate him. It was all quite tragic.

When it comes to describing how important Ham Rove was to Colbert Super PAC, I find myself at a loss for unsubpoenaed words. Ham Rove did everything for this organization, particularly any of the things that an angry donor or federal official might want answers to.

Due to Ham Rove’s timely passing, I am announcing that Colbert Super PAC is shutting down effective immediately. During this time of mourning, we ask that you respect our privacy, and more importantly, the privacy of our money. It wishes to stay out of the public eye, so please don’t go trying to find it. Rest assured, you won’t. We have a really good lawyer.

I am a man of faith. I believe that Ham Rove is in a better place now… and so is the money. I hope you have faith as well, because that’s all you’re ever going to know for sure.

Don’t stop bereaving,

Stephen Colbert
Former President
Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow (defunct)

A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow

As a financial contributor to the Colbert Super PAC at the $50 level, I continue to be entitled to all sorts of special treats from Stephen, including this special message that I found in one of my very own e-mailboxes.

Dear Friends of Colbert Super PAC,

I know it’s been a while. I’m sorry I haven’t called, written, stopped by, or appeared naked astride a centaur in your dreams. On behalf of myself, Colbert Super PAC, and the centaur, I apologize.

But do not assume that Americans For A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow has been powerless. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: we’ve been unpowerless. For proof, please enjoy the first five seconds of this clip of Mitt Romney earlier today. Go ahead, I’ve already seen it, I’ll wait for you here in this email.

As you can see, as a contributor to Colbert Super PAC, your voice has clearly been heard, in the form of money. But as an American, you should also make your voice double-heard, in the form of a voice. So tomorrow, please find your nearest polling location and vote.

Remember: this is the most important election of our lifetime*, and will continue to be right up until the next most important election of our lifetime. So whoever you support, please vote. If you don’t, the federal authorities consider wearing an “I Voted” sticker as an act of counterfeiting.

Yours sincerelyish,

Stephen Colbert
President and Tallymaster
Americans For A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Super PAC contributors are also entitled to anonymity, but who the heck wants that? If I ever start writing detective stories I’m going to call my private eye Cole Yama.

Colbert says…

Stephen Colbert was really ablaze last night. First, about the claims of foreign policy failure being leveled against the Obama administration for the tragic deaths in Libya at the American embassy…

… and then Indiana Republican Richard Mourdock’s comment about rape.

My own take on Mourdock’s opinion, which he insists is heartfelt and the result of lengthy consideration, is that his Christian thought process is seriously flawed, because it leads to the conclusion that the act of rape is of God and not Satan, which means that everything humans do must be from God. I was taught that most sinful acts do not come from Satan, but I would say that, according to Mourdock’s faith, rape should be one of them.