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Lady Jane

When the timing works out, I listen to the CBS Evening News during the drive home from work, on WBZ radio in Boston. Yesterday, when the report began, as soon as I heard the voice of the person filling in for Scott Pelley, I shouted out loud, “JANE PAULEY!” What a pleasant surprise on such a terrible news day, with the murders of a TV reporter and cameraman in Virginia, by yet another deranged shooter who had no trouble getting a gun.

His other teapot scandal

Excited fans of Warren G. Harding are tittering on Twitter about the confirmation that he sired a child with one of his mistresses. Well, that puts an end to those nasty, lingering rumors that he was a sterile President! Dead of a heart attack at age 57 in a San Francisco hotel. Hmm… a Nelson Rockefeller sort of a death?