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Karen Damen, Kristel Verbeke and Josje Huisman

Special K3

Kristel Verbeke, December 20, 2014

Kristel Verbeke, December 20, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Kristel Verbeke, Karen Damen, and Josje Huisman!

Bekijk meer video’s van Manneke Paul op

Party with K3!

K3’s new video is a dance party number called Eya Hoya! To watch it in full-screen HD you can click here. Kristel says hi! :-)

Hallelujah, K3!

It’s been four years since a Flemish friend got me started on K3 (we Americans hear it pronounced as “kah-tree”). Much has changed since then both professionally and personally for the ladies, but they continue to be popular and ply their trade in music, TV shows, and movies. K3 fan Mia told me the new single from their upcoming movie, Where Are The Angels?, has been posted on YouTube. Lately, some of the K3 videos I’ve embedded from YouTube have been pulled, so I extracted the MP3 audio. I really like this one.

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Mia explains the premise for the movie.

K3 has to be nice for 24 hours or they are in big trouble when they get kidnapped by angels.. but in these 24 hours their 3 annoying nieces arrive and they are everything but nice little troublemakers can K3 stay nice? The short teaser trailer is really funny! :D It shows K3 thinking they are slim as always but actually they are fat as hell, which is a side effect when you lie or when they are mean.. kinda like a curse.

With all of the overweight and obese kids in America, I wonder how well this idea would work here?