Gimme Some Lovin’, My Boy Lollipop

A few years ago, a retired A&R man (artists and repertoire) named Chris Peers contacted me, requesting help putting him in touch with Prue, which of course I was glad to do. Peers was involved with Chris Blackwell and Island Records at the beginning, before branching out on his own. One of the acts he worked with was the Spencer Davis Group, with Stevie Winwood, as he explains in this video. Peers told me that he had a heck of a time pitching the band in America, before finally landing a deal with United Artists.

And this, of course, was the song that broke the top 10 for the Spencer Davis Group in America.

Happy Prue Day!

A very Happy Birthday for the wonderful Prudence Bury-Fuchs! This is a promotional photo with Prue and Terry, her first husband, after they were married and had moved to New York in 1965.

Prue and Terry Hooper,  New York, 1965
Prue and Terry Hooper, New York, 1965

They were promoting the Youthquake fashion campaign, about which I’ll have more later.

Prue Terry 1965 Notice

There is a new Blu-ray release coming from Criterion of A Hard Day’s Night. I’m very pleased to see that Criterion includes Prue in the cast list.

Have a Bury Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Prue,
Happy Birthday to Prue,
Happy BIRTH-day, dear Prudence,
Happy Birthday to Prue!

The Sixties didn’t really kick into full swing until 1965. That was when the Beatles movie HELP! was released, the Beatles played Shea Stadium for the first time, and on September 1, 1965, British designer Mary Quant’s Youthquake fashion show introduced her miniskirts to America. One of the models on that trendsetting day was none other than Prue Bury, who is on the right in this newspaper photo. By Christmas, miniskirts and go-go boots were everywhere on American TV.

Sandy Moss, Sarah Dawson, and Prue Bury: NYC - September 1, 1965
Sandy Moss, Sarah Dawson, and Prue Bury: NYC – September 1, 1965

Prue married Terry, her first husband, in early 1965, then they moved to New York City. Before leaving England, Terry reprised his croupier role from A Hard Day’s Night in an episode of the TV series Danger Man, or Secret Agent as it’s called in the United States. Here are some clips that I spliced together.

I get a chuckle from seeing in the credits that, along with Terry’s name there is, of course, a Pratt.


Happy birthday, Prue!