A New York Yankee in Queen Elizabeth’s Court

In anticipation of Trump’s visit to England, Green Day’s “American Idiot” is making a comeback on the British music charts, almost fourteen years after its release. “American Idiot” is a very favorite album of mine, and the timing of its release was perfect, immediately before Dubya’s re-election. Billie Joe Armstrong does a good “Weird Al” Yankovic impression at the start of this video.

Something I enjoy about Green Day is that its numerous influences, from the Ramones to Brian Wilson, are apparent but not blatant. To my ears the band also took some inspiration from England’s Oasis. The song “Some Might Say” predates “American Idiot” by ten years.

Live From Tanglewood

This Sunday’s Boston Symphony Orchestra concert in the Music Shed at Tanglewood in Lenox, MA is one that I sorely wish I could attend, for both of the musical selections. But being here in Sun City West, AZ, I will have to settle for listening to the live stream from WCRB, with my little Oontz Angle speaker. Given the time difference, that means tuning it at 11:30 AM MST.

WCRB originally stood for “Charles River Broadcasting,” but since being taken over by WGBH it now means “Classical Radio Boston.” WGBH is named for the Great Blue Hill in Canton, MA, where the station’s transmitter is located.

The Rocking Stones

I’ve been picking away at writing a rather long article called “Back to Mono,” but rather than waiting for that, here is part of it. The entire Rolling Stones in Mono box set is available for free on YouTube! It appears to be official from Universal/ABKCO, so it isn’t some fan offering, and at the moment I’m the only one in the world who has subscribed to this incredibly great channel. How can that be?