There is a (Christmas) Season (Turn, Turn, Turn)


Another post about a turntable? This one is exclusively at Best Buy. It’s a Pro-Ject Carbon Esprit SB, which is considered to be an excellent table. The list price is normally $600, but this one costs an extra fifty bucks because it’s a Beatles Edition.

A competitor of Pro-Ject, called Rega, had a Queen special limited edition turntable that originally went for the same price, but it was eventually offered at a discount. I’m not in the market for a new turntable myself, having just replaced the broken RCA plugs on my 30-year-old Thorens turntable, but I’ll be interested in seeing how well the Beatles table sells.

Lia’s Love is Enough

Lia Pamina - Love is Enough, from Darla Records, U.S.
Lia Pamina – Love is Enough, Elefant Records, distributed in the U.S. by Darla.

Lia Pamina’s presence on this blog goes way back, almost to its start ten years ago. I find myself supressing a sniffle or two at how proud I am of our retro 60’s girl, for sticking to her dream of presenting a lovely and sweet style of singing inspired by Margo Guryan and Claudine Longet.

Lia’s first album, “Love is Enough” is available for order in America at this link. To borrow Lia’s favorite expression, “So cool!”