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Rocket 88!

A very Happy 88th Birthday to Joltin’ Joe Sinnott! Silver Age comics fans will be pleased to see Joe celebrating with his contemporaries, comic strip and DC Comics artistic stalwarts Joe Giella and Sy Barry.

Joe Giella, Mark Sinnott, Joe Sinnott, Sy Barry

Joe Giella, Mark Sinnott, Joe Sinnott, Sy Barry

Before and Afterthought

Political cartoonists no longer have the influence that they enjoyed for many decades, if not a century, but the ones that remain continue to ply their craft. Jerry Holbert of the Boston Herald did this cartoon, about the recent lapse in White House security, which saw publication locally.

Jerry Holbert

But before it reached national syndication, the editor at Uclick requested a change in wording.

Jerry Holbert

I checked, and watermelon-flavored toothpaste does indeed exist.

Galactic Pratt

One of the first comic books I bought after my family moved to Massachusetts in 1968 was Marvel Super-Heroes #18, featuring the introduction of an oddball band of space rangers called the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel Super-Heroes #18, Jan '69

Marvel Super-Heroes #18, Jan ’69

Written by Arnold Drake and drawn by Gene Colan, the original incarnation of the Guardians was a one-off try-out story that went nowhere for decades. Today, a completely revamped version of the team includes a 1970’s Marvel character called Star Lord, who is played by Chris Pratt in a big, new movie that is getting generally favorable reviews. A Pratt saving the galaxy is something I’ve gotta see.

And where did Groot the tree character come from? He’s one of Marvel’s old, pre-Fantastic Four monsters.

I Challenged GROOT!

I Challenged… GROOT!