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A while back I was contacted by Gary James, who has a Web site called Classic Bands. He asked to interview Prue Bury, and after checking some of his previous interviews I put him in touch with her. Gary transcribes his interviews, rather than posting audio, and here is the link to his conversation with Prue.

Prue Bury, March 4, 1964

I bought the original print of this photo on an eBay/UK auction. It should be here in a couple of weeks. The Australian seller says the date on the back of the picture is March 4, 1964, which places it during the filming of “A Hard Day’s Night.”

I wrote to Prue and said, “I don’t know what pictures you might be missing in your collection. I’m hoping that seeing this one is a surprise for you. It certainly is for me!” Prue replied, “Very much so! Never seen it before, where did it come from?” I don’t know, but perhaps the seller has more information. I’ve had a similar experience a couple of times, where I was shown a photo of myself I’d never seen before, and I had no recollection of it being taken. One of them was from my business trip in Saudi Arabia. I should see if I can find it.

Something worth emphasizing is that knowing everything I do about Prue, her connection to the Beatles may not be the least interesting thing about her, but it is far from the most interesting. Even Prue’s birth is compelling, with her mother carrying her during the family’s flight from occupied Belgium to England. She was born during the last of the Nazi Blitz attacks on London.

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