Going to the County Fair-field

Fairfield Country, Connecticut in the 1960’s was home to many cartoonists. The details are at this link. As I said in my last post, I grew up in Fairfield Country in the 1960’s, but unfortunately my family left before I could take advantage of being surrounded by cartoonists and comic book artists.

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  1. Fascinating and fun article. I had no idea so many cartoonists lived in Fairfield County. As I’ve said before, the Norwalk/Wilton/Silverman area was, for me, a vortex of creativity and imagination. There are hundreds of excellent drawings, sketches and cartoons I made for my friends that are lost to the ages. I also compulsively wrote, and illustrated, many short stories, which I shared with no one. I knew you and I had talent, and that we would both be famous some day. But once I found out we were moving, that breathless feeling of anticipation and a magical future just sort of went poof! for me.

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