Herb Alperfection

For 50-cents each, I recently bought the four LP’s that Herb Alpert put out between 1965 and ’66. As Denro says, “There is no doubt that those albums sold millions and millions of copies in the 60’s….every thrift store across the USA has the proof!”

According to the dates engraved on the inner grooves, the copies I came upon aren’t first generation, but they are original pressings from those years. Recorded by Larry Levine at Gold Star studios in L.A., the sound quality is uniformly superb. I have listened to this track from “S.R.O” a half dozen times, and I imagine the musicians of the legendary Wrecking Crew must have been smiling when they heard the playback.

Note: As far as I know, only some of Alpert’s touring band, assembled after the fourth album, recorded with him in the studio.

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