My Favorite Post-Apocalyptic Movie

When did “post-apocalyptic” become a genre? “Six String Samurai” is by far the wackiest post-nuclear holocaust movie. No zombies, but lots of guitar playing… and sword playing!

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4 thoughts on “My Favorite Post-Apocalyptic Movie”

  1. I finally watched 6-string great low-budget film. You’re the master of manga, but it sure seems to owe a lot to lone wolf and cub. Factoid: the closed captions describe much of the music as “Russian surf music”. Thanks for the tip-MIH

  2. I don’t watch movies on computers, but I have ordered it from the CPL. Will let you know later what I think. Also re: Sgt. Pepper, of course I know the mono version. You gave it to me along with Revolver.

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