Lia’s Love is Enough

Lia Pamina - Love is Enough, from Darla Records, U.S.
Lia Pamina – Love is Enough, Elefant Records, distributed in the U.S. by Darla.

Lia Pamina’s presence on this blog goes way back, almost to its start ten years ago. I find myself supressing a sniffle or two at how proud I am of our retro 60’s girl, for sticking to her dream of presenting a lovely and sweet style of singing inspired by Margo Guryan and Claudine Longet.

Lia’s first album, “Love is Enough” is available for order in America at this link. To borrow Lia’s favorite expression, “So cool!”

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  1. Thanks So much!!

    The true is that was inspired more by Astrud Gilberto when I started to sing, but my voice has a similar colour to Claudine’s voice ? so I sound a little more like her.

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