The return of… Larissa!

Larissa Kelly update on the Jeopardy! web site.
Larissa Kelly update on the Jeopardy! web site.

Collectively, a few things on this site attract most of the attention, including my Prue Bury posts, Jonathan Ross’ “In Search of Steve Ditko” (especially when it could be viewed nowhere else), and the MP3 copies of the Merry Marvel Marching Society records. But in terms of sustained popularity, nothing compares to the posts with Larissa Kelly on “Jeopardy!”

Like sort of a blogging equivalent to the Voyager spacecraft, requests for transmission of the Larissa videos continue month after month, right up to today. Larissa says hi, and if you are wondering if her return to the “Jeopardy!” studio has already happened, the answer is yes.

The 2000s Battle of the Decades shows taped a few weeks ago. I can’t discuss any of the games, but it was very nice to have the chance to meet the other contestants and spend a few days in Los Angeles.

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  1. Most excellent! Say, I just passed by an article about some Chinese champ on “Jeopardy” who is getting a lot of criticism, but I haven’t read it yet. Know anything about him?

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