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Kathy Lennon of the Lennon Sisters says this on Facebook about the passing of Patty Andrews, of the Andrews Sisters.

Kathy Lennon — (1/30/13)
Just heard from a friend that Patty Andrews died…94 years old. The Andrew Sisters were the 1st singing sister act that we tried to copy. We loved their rendition of songs, their high spirit, their fabulous harmony. We were honored to meet them on THE MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW… we could not believe they knew who we were, and we sang a bit of BOOGIE WOOGIE BUGLE BOY with them. We tribute them at every Lennon Sisters Concert, with our version of BOOGIE WOOGIE…The Lennon Sisters send their families love, prayers and admiration for these beautifully talented women…

As posted here last month, the Lennon Sisters performed with Bing Crosby, so here are the Andrews Sisters backing up Bing.

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