Beatles in Boston

On September 12, 1964, the Beatles were in Boston for the first time. Before playing at the old Boston Garden, there was the usual obligatory press conference. It was held at the Hotel Madison. Here’s a transcript. Someone I know who was there was Kathei Logue, only fourteen at the time. There used to be an account online of Kathei’s claim to Beatles fame, along with the photos she took with her Kodak brownie camera, but it’s gone now. I haven’t talked to Kat in a few years. I should get in touch.

The Beatles at the Hotel Madison, Boston, September 12, 1964

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  1. Matt – I haven’t been to any Beatles-specific shows, so I don’t know. Being a print made directly off of a camera negative, it’s more desirable as a collectable than something from a printing press.

  2. In September of 1980, I bought a large, framed version of the photograph shown above (with John looking right at the camera). I remember that the salesman at the Faneuil Hall shop who sold the photo to me was the actual photographer. He told me that it was his first assignment as a young photo upstart and he was thrilled by the entire event.

    The photo is too valuable to me to consider selling, but I’m curious about its current-day worth. Anyone have an idea?

    San Francisco

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