Freberg gets nuttin’

Cartoon Brew has this brand-new take on an old Christmas song by Stan Freberg, animated by Doug Compton.

(Does anybody have real silverware that’s worth stealing these days?)

As always, Mark Evanier is on top of the error department:

12/24/09 12:31am

Mark Evanier says:

Hey, tell Doug he got the credits wrong. He says the kid is Daws Butler and the burglar is Stan Freberg.

Nope. They’re both Freberg.

And being a stickler myself, I’ve corrected the video itself by properly cropping it and getting the aspect ratio right.

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One thought on “Freberg gets nuttin’”

  1. Merry Christmas, Twinster! Yes, I’m up late. Had my annual Chrismas champagne. Bonus: stepson Johnny came up to stay over for Christmas Eve! We went to Midnight Mass at Catholic Church. Anyway, “Nuttin’ for Christmas” was the Number One Christmas Hit for the year we were born, 1955! I have it on an old double Time-Life compilation Christmas tape that miraculously still plays beautifully after over 20 years. Molly loves its! Oh, we got your extra package in the mail today!

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