Back in trouble for the first time

My running days are, I fear, behind me forever. For the first time I’m having back trouble, and it’s serious. It came on suddenly, with only a small warning sign a week prior. I was hoping the spasms were due to muscle strain, but the doctor says the most likely source is a pinched nerve in my spine.

This morning I was a cripple, but thanks to a pain med I’m now able to get around without crutches. I wish this were a stupid joke, but it’s all too real. I don’t want to get into all of the detail, but I wanted to tell you what’s going on.

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  1. Joan, we’re having a regular old “organ recital” here! πŸ˜‰ I had forgotten about those old papaya treatments. I did NOT know about the allergic reactions afterward! I know this sounds awful, but I’m sort of looking forward to the MRI of Doug’s back! Hey, we’re all family here, right?

    Maybe we should let him post some K3 to help him through this time of pain!!! I vote yes!

  2. Part 2 – So, now that I have arthritis from an unrelated advanced aging of the spine, (the surgeon said 20 years ahead of my birth age), I take Ultram for nasty pain and Advil or Motrin for mild pain. And Jean has the facts-prescription pain meds really constipate-eat fruit and fiber foods to help; there are many things they can do besides surgery and as in my case it was a last resort; abdominal exercises are prescribed after the pain is gone; and if you continue treatment you will have an MRI and CAT scan ordered. A myelogram they only do if surgery is needed. Good luck Doug and I will be thinking of you as you go thru diagnosis and treatment! πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Doug! I sympathize with you since this is in my been there, done that list. In 1983 I had a severely herniated lumbar disc and to treat it they did a new procedure where they injected an enzyme from, believe it or not, papaya, to dissolve the disc material from the nerve and it worked wonders. I went from bedridden in pain to good as new afterward. The only incredulous thing was if I ate papaya-containing meat tenderizer for a while after I could have an allergic reaction. I never use tenderizer so no worries. They stopped this procedure due to fatalities of people who had allergic reactions during the procedure. Fast-forward to 1997-same disc, same side blew out, same debilitating pain in the leg that kept me from everything except walking a few feet to the bathroom. This time I had surgery and when a piece of scar tissue clung to the nerve it was almost deemed unsuccessful when the pain came back. A few months later the tissue moved away and I’ve been fine since. OOPS-will do a part 2.

  4. No, no, no, Dougie! Don’t give up yet. I assume you haven’t had the MRIs and CT scans yet. Whatever you do, avoid surgery! There are so many alternative treatments for chronic pain now. Getting old is well, getting old! Warning: pain meds make you horrifically constipated. Drive with caution. Look at the positive side: at least you aren’t in the CHAIR again!

    Being a female with pretty strong abs, I have never experienced the debilitating back pain that a lot of men experience, including my husband. I finally screamed at him to do abdominal crunches. He ignored me until a doctor told him to do them. “Hey, my back’s better” My neck is bad, but my back is fine. Tom has seen grown men go down screaming at work more than once.

    I imagine this is a first for you, Doug, as you have always been in great shape. However, running puts a pounding on the spine! That’s why I walk. Get better!

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