In Search of Steve Ditko – Part 4

That’s Jazzy Johnny Romita in the preview frame. He took over drawing The Amazing Spider-Man in 1966, after Steve Ditko abruptly quit the book and left Marvel Comics. Ditko returned to Marvel later, but he never drew Spider-Man again.

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2 thoughts on “In Search of Steve Ditko – Part 4”

  1. I’m sure I did, although I saw Romita’s version first. I like Romita’s work a lot, and I think in his own way he’s as interesting as Ditko. He’s a real-world guy. Notice how he mentions his mortgage at the outset? His studio was in his attic, up a set of pull-down stairs in his son’s room. Romita would be up there, working all night, with the radio on low so he wouldn’t wake up his kids.

    I first met Romita way back in ’78, and he is the nicest, most sincere, and honest person one could ever meet. I remember him commenting on me being the same age as his son. John Jr. later became one of Spidey’s primary artists. More recently, when Eric was still in a stroller, I saw Romita Sr. at a Boston area show.

  2. Am I mistaken, or do I remember you comparing Ditko’s work to Romita way back when it first came out?

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