The MMMS Records Remastered

Since it seems I’m perhaps the sole provider on the Net of the audio from the two Flexidiscs that Marvel Comics produced in the 1960’s, I thought I’d offer them with superior sound compared to what I posted five years ago. Here they are, remastered for the best possible audio fidelity.

The Voices of Marvel

Voice of Marvel - Front

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Right-click here to download.

The Voices of Marvel - rear sleeve

Scream Along With Marvel

Scream Along With Marvel - Front

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Scream Along With Marvel - Back

Technical notes:

  • Technics DD turntable, Shure MM cartridge, AGI pre-amp, AKG headphones.
  • Captured from AGI line level output, 24-bit resolution, 48 kHz sample rate.
  • A 60 Hz hum in the The Voices Of Marvel was removed with a 120 Hz high-pass filter.
  • Click removal used sparingly. No other noise reduction or equalization.
  • A dimple in The Voices Of Marvel causes a recurring thump between 3:15 and 3:35. It was reduced, but not eliminated, by the high-pass filter.
  • The left channel in each recording was deemed better and was used as the source, forced into mono, then exported as lossless WAV files.
  • WAV files converted to MP3 at 256 Kbps CBR.

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49 thoughts on “The MMMS Records Remastered”

  1. Hi Doug,
    If you wouldn’t mind sending the WAV files, I would be enormously appreciative.
    Many, many thanks,

  2. Sally – The 256 Kbps MP3 files sound identical to the WAV files, and both MP3 files can be downloaded from this page. If you absolutely must have the WAV files, I can send them.

  3. Hi Doug,
    These are great! Would you mind sending me the WAV files? I can send you my yousendit info if the files are too big for gmail. Thanks so much!

  4. Doug, as a long time Marvelite–check out my website for a photo of Stan and myself way back in 1968–I thank you for posting these!

    Like so many others, I still have my copy of the second Flexi but never even knew that the first one ever existed–until now!

    Nuff said!

    — “Jolly” Jeff (hey, that’s how Stan called me!)

  5. Thanks for providing this recording of “The Voices…”. I remember joining MMMS in the 60’s. I think I was in 6th or 7th grade. I couldn’t wait ’til that “record” came in the mail. Seemed like it took forever. What a stroll down memory lane this is. I was just telling my son, whose 21, about it. He thought it was so funny that I still remembered it. Now I can let him hear it too.

    Thanks for the memories.

  6. Great to hear these records. Marvel released facsimiles of the M.M.M.S. kit about 15 years ago. I’m not sure if there was any difference between the original and the facsimile, but it’s something to be aware of.

    I have a copy of the Golden Book & Record Set of FANTASTIC FOUR #1. I copied it and deleted the annoying page announcements between pages, so that it sounds like a radio play. Say the word and I’ll try and send you a copy.

  7. Gary, I just sent them to you, but you’re right. It would be easier to put links to the files on the post so people could download them. I’ll do that. There are no copyright symbols on either record, by the way, neither on the sleeves nor the discs.

  8. Hi – This was a great. I haven’t heard any of this since I was a kid and joined the MMMS. But the second audio file comes up as “file not found”. Any chance of a fix? I was really hoping to be able to hear that song again after all these years.

    (Maybe you could post a link for downloading these? I hate to be yet another person who asks you to send them out; and I’m not sure my ISP would take files that large anyway.)

  9. Hi Doug,

    Could you please e-mail copies of both records to me? I would be greatly in your debt!

    Thank you so much,

    Charles Phipps

  10. They’re on their way. Distributing these recordings is turning into a cottage industry for me. Too bad I can’t charge anything for the service!

  11. Hi Doug:

    These are great! Brings back a lot of memories. I actually had these when I was a kid. I hate to be a beggar, but could you please send to me? Thanks!


  12. Howdy Doug,

    I really love these and would like to use them in a presentation for my speech class. They would be perfect. If you could send the files, I’d really appreciate it.

    Thanks for restoring these. They’re really wonderful.


  13. Hello Doug,
    would you please please send me the mp3s as well?
    Thank you very much in advance.

  14. Wow! My head exploded with an attack of Nostalgia! Please oh please send me copies of both records! What an amazing surprise you have provided to all Silver Age (and silver haired) Marvel fans.

  15. I had never heard these before! Thanks for a great little bit of Marvel’s silver age! Would be much appreciated if you could send them to me!

  16. Is it possible to get an audio recording of the “We belong” track anywhere? I am stage managing a show and the artist would like to use it.

  17. Yeah, that’s the plight of collectors — having something that can’t be touched! I’d like to know who wrote the music and arrangement, and where the recording was made.

  18. Boy, am I glad I bought the 2nd record recently!
    Due to the fact that I won’t play it, with the help of the above link I will be able to sing along as well!
    Thanks, great work!

  19. Jim — Sure. I’ll send them to you when I get home tonight. They’re big files, and some people have had them rejected by their account’s mail server. If that happens to you, I can encode them at a lower bit rate.

  20. Hey Doug,
    These are great!
    I never heard the first Flexidisc before.
    I still have the second one, a little worse for wear….
    (still have my ‘no-prize” too!)
    If you don’t mind sending copies of both recordings, I’d sure love to have them!

  21. How about I just send it to you? I’ve sent it to at least half a dozen people. There is no copyright anywhere, on either the disk or the sleeve, so I don’t own it.

  22. Check your e-mail, Mark. Stan G. “our demon colorer” as Stan Lee called him, told me last weekend in New York that he has a pile of never-played copies of “The Voices at Marvel” somewhere in his house, but he’s not sure where they are. He asked me how much I thought they might be worth, but I really have no idea. I’d be willing to pay $100 for a virgin copy. Better yet, I wonder where the original tape is?

  23. Hi Doug! It was wonderful to finally be able to hear these for the very first time–I never had the money to send in as a kid to become a member! Is there any way to download these from somewhere? If not–it really was great to hear them!!! Thanks a million!

  24. You’re welcome! Many of the hits this blog gets are for either the MMMS records, or the Steve Ditko documentary.

    That “thump” that comes up while Don Heck is talking bugs me. I’ll try to filter it without otherwise affecting the sound quality.

  25. All I know is, I had to listen to this so much as a kid, the lyrics will be forever burned into my brain. Never mind the specs! I LOVE it!

  26. The video links to “In Search of Steve Ditko” that Mark Evanier and I both used for our customized YouTube player playlists have been pulled. But don’t worry, I have the entire program.

    By the way, the split in the picture is the way the flap on the back of the record sleeve looks. I made no attempt to re-align it. Maybe I’ll try to do that later.

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