Stephen Colbert’s Alpha Squad 7

Somehow, I totally missed the introduction of Stephen Colbert’s Alpha Squad 7, the New Tek Jansen Adventure back in August.  Colbert is obviously a comics and cartoon fan, and he was a writer for Robert Smigel’s TV Funhouse, so I’m not surprised he’s doing this.  Here is part 2.  Part 1 is undoubtedly available on YouTube.Player problem?  Click here.

EDIT: Let’s have a little fun with this.  Somebody has posted this video on YouTube, although without the teaser that I included.  I’m going to scale my embedded video up to 425 pixels across to match YouTube’s, and embed that one here.  You can compare and judge who did the better job of capturing the video.  Don’t use an old Windows Media Player, like version 7, because it’ll look awfully jaggy, compared to YouTube’s Flash player.

EDIT P.S.  The YouTube video has been replaced with my own upload.  This is as good as it gets after YouTube has processed something.  The preview still frame is nice, and if there’s a way to do that with Media Player I’ll find it.

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2 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert’s Alpha Squad 7

  1. Well, there’s no contest in the quality department, if I may say so myself. The competition has many dropped frames, weak color, and has the sharpness control turned way up. Boo! And to top it off, mine is in stereo. DogRat wins!

  2. Hysterically funny, of COURSE! Stevie doesn’t miss a single cliche. Miss another episode?NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

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