The Quartet Practiced in the Park

“Just Four Guys with Ray Whitaker” is a podcast from WMVY — Martha’s Vineyard Radio. Ostensibly it’s about the Beatles, but the Fab Four are often a springboard for Whitaker to offer his take on various things musical and muse-ical. A month ago he did this exceptionally mind-expanding show about the grooviest, trippiest genre of music — the short-lived, psychedelic era of Acid Rock.

Connie calls it quits

Connie Converse

Where is Elizabeth “Connie” Converse? Before Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell there was Connie Converse, the Emily Dickinson of singer-songwriters. Thanks to animator Gene Deitch, who was responsible for some of the TV cartoons I watched as a kid, Connie’s voice and songs were recorded for posterity.

Connie disappeared over 40 years ago, like D.B. Cooper, and she was never heard from again. Converse was born five days before Deitch, who is 90 and still living.