Cartoony Looney – 96

This is a brand-new appearance of Wendell and his buddy Beckle, who is now wearing shorts! The completed, inked strip should be ready soon. Don’t know how many more new installments I’ll get done, but I’ve written five more dailies and a Sunday.

Wendell (Blubber Buns) and Beckle (Feather Duster) are © 2019 DOuG pRATt (Dog Rat), All Rights Reserved

My lettering needs more practice. Being a leftie it’s a struggle to avoid smearing wet ink, just as it was in the third grade when learning to write in cursive with a fountain pen. Remembering that makes me feel very old!

Here’s some more fun with colored pencils. This also reminds me of the third grade, when I colored in crayon over pencil. A large piece I drew, about a man visiting a village and meeting different people, won an award and was put on display in the Connecticut state capitol building.

Cartoony Looney – 95

Here it is, the final sample from my original set.

Wendell (Blubber Buns) and Beckle (Feather Duster) are © 2019 DOuG pRATt (Dog Rat), All Rights Reserved

This strip is my favorite of the bunch, for multiple reasons: I have a fondness for cartoons with rain; The acid rain idea makes it unusual; I like the sentiment about symbiosis; The umbrella not only takes advantage of Beckle’s hat gimmick, it resembles Batman’s cape; And, finally, I think the finished art came out all right.

That sketch is one of many drawing exercises I’ve been doing, but it isn’t square enough for the logo in the upper left corner. This one will fit the logo space.

Cartoony Looney – 93

An odd idea, and lacking in broad appeal, but that was the point.

Wendell (Blubber Buns), Beckle (Feather Duster) and Jeanie Beanie (Bean Head) are © 2019 DOuG pRATt (Dog Rat), All Rights Reserved

Behold! The only still life I have ever drawn.

About ten years ago, having had nothing to do with art for ages, by chance a paying job came my way with an extremely tight deadline. I submitted this and, to my amazement, it was accepted.