50th Anniversary Outrage

Yesterday, in the presence of Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin, who didn’t look very happy — in fact, nobody appeared to be pleased — Trump reversed his previous tepid disapproval of the “send her back” chanting at this week’s campaign rally. Doubling down on his original suggestion that Democratic House Representative Ilhan Omar should leave the country, Trump now describes the North Carolina crowd as “incredible patriots.”

I was undecided on whether or not the House of Representatives should vote to impeach Trump, but enough is enough. Pelosi should drop her “moderation in all things” strategy for the 2020 election and do the right thing. Impeach the bum.

It wouldn’t surprise me if it comes out that “send her back” wasn’t a spontaneous rallying cry by Trump’s most loyal fans, but had been planned and rehearsed. I am usually meme-adverse, but I’m sufficiently fed up that I have created one of my own with a suggestion for a Trump chant to make the women at his rallies realize they need to get out of there.


The word is out that MAD Magazine will soon be no more. Two more new issues will be published, and then some reprints done up to finish off mail order subscriptions, and that’ll be the end.

Don Martin Sound Effect Stickers From MAD SPECIAL NUMBER 23 — Winter 1977

This isn’t unexpected, of course, but it’s sad to see the disappearance of yet another formerly grand outlet for great cartooning. As a matter of historical note, MAD was the last remaining vestige of what had been Entertaining Comics.