I REDD the News Today

REDD was the Recording Engineering Development Department at EMI in London. Most Beatles recordings were made using a custom-built REDD.51 mixing console. Their first 4-track console was a REDD.31. Much later, after Magic Alex — the self-proclaimed genius of Apple Electronics — was revealed to be a fraud, the Beatles borrowed the REDD.31 to begin recording “Let it Be.”

Here’s some history of what happened to the console, starting ten years after the Beatles were done with it.

How Green Was His Spinach

I’m late in promoting a few things for Christmas gift-giving — gifts that I’m giving to myself!

All of the Popeye cartoons produced by the Fleischer Bros. studio from the 30’s and 40’s are available on DVD. All of them, with a couple of notable exceptions, are in black & white. Being out of print, good luck finding volumes 2 and 3 without spending a small fortune.

A new Popeye disc is about to be released on Blu-ray as well as DVD. It picks up where Paramount called in its loans to the Fleischer brothers and took over the studio and began producing Popeye cartoons in Technicolor.

Animation maven Jerry Beck and others behind this project, discuss how it came to be and the considerable efforts that went into making it a must-get release for fans like myself. As you would expect, the business side of the deal had to be worked out before the restoration work could begin.

Cheer for Gear

I’ve been offline for a while because of a Verizon FiOS upgrade that went wrong, combined with my enduring commitment to flip-phones. Which prevented me from saying until now that I fixed my broken cassette deck.

My rack of obsolete technology for transferring audio and video to the computer, representing the Big Three from the heyday of mass-produced Japanese consumer electronics — Sony, Pioneer and Panasonic/Technics.

Kudos to vintage-electronics.net for its tape drive belt kit and the installation tool for it. The tool helped to make the job a lot easier than I expected.