Hypocrite in Chief

He’s an habitually lying hypocrite, and I don’t see how he can last the full four years; but, then, I didn’t see how he could possibly be elected.


For Trump, the costs come with an additional perk: Some of the money flows into his own pocket. While Trump has removed himself from managing his company, he has refused to divest his ownership, meaning that he benefits from corporate successes such as government contracts.

Trump’s frequent travel belies his repeated criticism of Obama as a “habitual vacationer” enjoying taxpayer-funded golf getaways. It also comes after his own promises: He told the Hill newspaper in 2015, “I would rarely leave the White House because there’s so much work to be done.”

Hello Again, One Last Time

Herb Oscar Anderson passed away this morning. In the 1960’s HOA was the Morning Mayor of New York on 77 WABC, the legendary radio station that inspired me to get into the business.

Herb didn’t share an appreciation of Sixties youth culture and music with his fellow WABC jocks, in particular Cousin Brucie and Dan Ingram. His taste ran more to Lawrence Welk, but being a fan of the Lennon Sisters myself that’s fine with me, and I enjoyed hearing HOA every morning while getting ready for school.

Herb was the #1 morning DJ in New York when he decided to leave WABC in September, 1968. Harry Harrison was hired away from WMCA to take over the highly-coveted shift, and a month later my family moved from Connecticut to Massachusetts.

Gimme Some Lovin’, My Boy Lollipop

A few years ago, a retired A&R man (artists and repertoire) named Chris Peers contacted me, requesting help putting him in touch with Prue, which of course I was glad to do. Peers was involved with Chris Blackwell and Island Records at the beginning, before branching out on his own. One of the acts he worked with was the Spencer Davis Group, with Stevie Winwood, as he explains in this video. Peers told me that he had a heck of a time pitching the band in America, before finally landing a deal with United Artists.

And this, of course, was the song that broke the top 10 for the Spencer Davis Group in America.