Freaking Out

I have never seen Drew Carey’s old sitcom, and I don’t watch The Price is Right, but I am really enjoying his Friday Night Freak-Out show on Sirius|XM. Carey recently played this song that caught my ear. It’s simple and direct, with a fantastically spaced-out guitar break.

Zombie Bunny

I feel Carol Lynley’s passing merits further appreciation. “Bunny Lake is Missing” from 1965 — the same year that Lynley appeared in Playboy — provides some fascinating elements and crossovers that make it a cult delight. At 17 Lynley played a girl in trouble in “Blue Denim”. The word “abortion” isn’t spoken in that film, but it is in Bunny Lake, where she’s a single mother.

Keir Dullea plays Lynley’s brother. When I was speaking with him a few years ago, Dullea told me that Stanley Kubrick called his agent out of the blue, offering him the part of astronaut Dave Bowman in “2001: A Space Odyssey” — a role that Dullea didn’t even know about. Kubrick had spotted him in something, and that something was most likely Bunny Lake.

Laurence Olivier is shown chatting briefly with his old cohort Noel Coward in the film, to their presumed mutual amusement, but the most curious scene is with Olivier and Lynley at a pub. Swinging London bursts onto a TV screen with the appearance of the Zombies! You won’t see this video on YouTube, which implies to me that if I were to post the clip there it would be yanked. So I’ll put it here as a DogRat exclusive.

“Just Out of Reach” can be heard again later in the film, being played on a radio.

Carol Lynley, 1942-2019

Carol Lynley, one of the great American (as distinct from French) “sex kittens” who became famous in the late 50’s, is gone at age 77.

Lynley was featured on the cover of LIFE magazine when she was only 15. I have a copy somewhere that I can scan if I find it. That same year, 1957, Carol appeared in an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents that I happened to watch recently. In a strikingly assured performance directed by Robert Altman, Lynley played a precocious 17-year-old who was determined to seduce an older man, played by Vince Edwards.