Please note this site will most likely be down for a while. I don’t know when it will go offline, but it may last for days, depending on how much work will be needed behind the scenes.


This site is hosted by Bluehost, which updated the HTTP service, called Apache. It’s the thing that dishes out Web pages. The new version of Apache screwed up the updated PHP interpreter, and WordPress is written in PHP. So I had to revert to an old version of PHP, but PHP must be updated in order to update WordPress.

But wait, there’s more. Running on old PHP prevents CloudFlare, a security feature, from working. Also you will notice this site comes up as “Not secure” in browsers, and that’s because my SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate to support encryption is also broken. And now Bluehost sent a message saying they want to charge me for three certificates(??).

So despite external appearances, everything is a total mess. Knowing that making any changes at all will break everything is the reason why I am expecting downtime. You have been warned.